What You Can Expect from Teeth Whitening

Model Smiling with White Teeth

Given that most people wish they had pearly whites, it is hardly surprising that teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments that Dr. Jennifer Santoro performs. At Village Center Dentistry, Dr. Santoro utilizes Zoom in-office teeth whitening procedure to brighten up her patients’ smiles. If you are curious about teeth whitening, here is what you can expect:

Drastically Better Results Than with Retail Products

Many people who try at-home whitening products from their local store wind up being disappointed, having expected the more dramatic results that are more realistic from an in-office procedure. Zoom teeth whitening will not only get your teeth whiter, but the results also tend to last much longer — sometimes as long as a few years, provided you take good care of your teeth.

If the convenience or cost of doing teeth whitening at home appeals to you, speak to Dr. Santoro about acquiring a professional-grade at-home teeth whitening kit. That way you will know you are using a product and method that a trusted cosmetic dentist personally vouches for.

An Easy Procedure

During Zoom teeth whitening, Dr. Santoro first applies a special hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to the teeth, then shines a Zoom light on the gel to help erode the discoloration on the teeth for four 15-minute sessions. Most people who choose Zoom in-office teeth whitening relax and listen to music, experiencing only mild discomfort. A small number of patients with sensitive teeth or a strong gag reflex may find the treatment a bit more difficult.

Your Teeth Become Whiter, Not a Specific Shade of White

Village Center Dentistry’s in-office whitening procedure gets teeth up to eight shades whiter, which is remarkable by pretty much any standard. With that in mind, patients who come in with significantly stained and discolored teeth should set reasonable expectations. In these instances, eight shades whiter may not mean pearly white. To achieve that, these patients may require multiple teeth whitening sessions, or an alternative like veneers.

You Will Need to Adjust Your Diet Briefly

Following your treatment, your teeth will be especially vulnerable to stains for the next day, so plan your meals accordingly. Most people play it safe by choosing white foods (potatoes, rice, chicken, bread, etc.) and water to make sure their teeth stay as white as possible.

Take it from patients who learned the hard way: It is not worth undermining the results of your teeth whitening for a glass of wine or cola. Hold off on those treats for at least 24 hours.

Ready to Give Teeth Whitening a Try?

Dr. Santoro is proud to give her patients the sparkling smiles of their dreams. To schedule a consultation, call her Scripps Ranch office at (858) 566-8510 now.